Play School - Hats Monday with Noni and John Hamblin (1985)

Here is 1st episode I have of Play School. 3 more episodes coming soon. This ones from 1985 and come from the 1991 VHS tape Play School Hats. Found at a Hard Rubbish shop for $1. Play School is Australia’s longest running TV Show. The show was based on the British Show of the same name by the BBC that started in 1964. Ours stared on the 18th of July 1966 replacing Kindergarten Playtime. There’s been also a New Zealand Play School in 1975. But the difference is the theme tune and the fact the UK and NZ versions ended. The UK one was replace by Play Days in 1988. The NZ one ended in 1990. But ours kept on going. Ours got the record for the longest running Australian TV Show after Mr. Squiggle ended in 1999. This episode stars Noni Hazlehurst and John Hamblin. All rights for this video go to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I’m only putting it up for Historical and nostalgic purposes. And the fact that you don’t see it on TV or DVD anymore. Please tell your friends about my You Tube channel and Subscribe. Hooroo! I’m Earnest Briggsy, And I speak the truth about Australian Television :D